What to Expect When You’re Expecting (2012)

Humans show some sexual dimorphism, but are le...

Humans show some sexual dimorphism, but are less dimorphic than most other primates. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a propaganda! The effervescence of having a baby to solidify the family, or the making of a family man, or the eternal life of passing on the genes, … In other words, this may as well be a pro-family rally and campaign to convert those who hasn’t yet!

Don’t get me wrong, I did finish the movie, which means it does have a fairly decent story, but perhaps more so with the cast: Jules(Cameron Diaz), a TV reality show weight-loss coach; Holly(Jennifer Lopez), a photographer who is one of those that exhausted from options; Wendy (Elizabeth Banks), a children book writer who finally gets pregnant unscheduled; Skyler(Brooklyn Decker), the trophy young wife; and lastly, Rosie(Anna Kendrick), the what-do-WE-do now. The male cast is just as long: Evan(Matthew Morrison – Glee) is a dancer of one of those dance competition shows, who has Jules as his partner in season 15 of “Dance Factor” and they win the trophy. Alex(Rodrigo Santoro) is Holly’s husband who got married in Vegas, she wedded in show-girl glitters and he as Prince. Gary(Ben Falcone) is a DDS, who was once Jules’ contestant and son of race car hero, Ramsey(Dennis Quaid). In essence, Gary has a mom, Skyler, who is younger than him and his wife, Wendy. Rosie accidental boyfriend is her high school classmate, Marco(Chace Crawford – Gossip Girl).. and the list goes on, Vic (Chris Rock) and Davis(Joe ManganielloMagic Mike (2012)) are in a pack with other men who have babies and they walk their kids in the park everyday;they love their kids to death, and the kids complete them! and make them truly happy.

There you have it they are all having babies! and everyone is scared, men and women… but it is just so wonderful, beautiful, and magical, and that’s why there are women! So when Holly found out she would never, she knows she has to adopt;otherwise, it will never be a true family. La-di-la-di-da!

It’s a chick flick, and if you are a guy, RUN! if she asks you to watch it with her… unless you are a metro-sexual dude?!

WATCH – a great cast.


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