Hope Springs (2012)

I felt so manipulated. At the last 5 minutes, the switch was turned on to wrap things up!  Really, really! It’s like the 5 minutes after the last call and the lights, bright, in the bar were turned back on to tell people to go home already. I thought I was patient for once to keep watching it thinking it just had slow build-ups, guess it was just slow and flaccid all the way.

There are really just three main characters here: Arnold(Tommy Lee Jones), Kay(Meryl Streep), and Dr. Feld(Steve Carell). Arnold is a CPA, and has been stereotyped to death how boring and un-creative his character is. Kay is the lonely wife who doesn’t want to be alone, so the devil of the two beasts is to stay in a loveless, passionless and sexless marriage (I assume research had been done before this movie was made to qualify that there are real life Kays?!). Dr. Feld is the branded(TV, Books,Website,…) marriage counselor with whom they spend a week in order to find a new beginning or perhaps the end. Dr. Feld offers an intensive program in Maine.

Kay is demure with low self-esteem, a stay-at-home mom, whose kids had flown away, and she is now an empty-nester. She works at a local women apparel store. Arnold likes his routine, and always calculating the outcomes and worth of his actions, and he is a bit set in his ways. As expected, the story is whether their marriages are salvageable?! After-all, they have been in separate bedrooms for over 13 years and stopped conjugal intercourse 4 years ago.

Perhaps the reason I watched the whole thing was for Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones, cause they are good, expected, at what they do. Streep’s Kay is exactly what I think a woman in that position will act, and Lee Jones’ old grumpy man is right on target! Except, I was waiting for an astonishing disclosure from him as to why suddenly he could no longer bear the touch of his wife. He did talk about resentment, and putting the blame on Kay…but I wanted more, cause no human will come home one day and switch it off and don’t look elsewhere either, especially for a man! yes, even accountants cheat!

Carell is probably using this as a stepping stone for more serious roles. I have to say… he tried.

There you have it! This is definitely not aiming for anyone younger than 40, unless they have a fetish for mommy/daddy sex (yuck!!!). Lastly, Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man used as prescription…really, do we really need to go there?! Perhaps…

SKIP unless you are Streep’s or Lee Jones’ fans.

P.S. for some reasons, I kept seeing Lee Jones’ Two-Face character whenever he was on the sofa with Kay.


2 thoughts on “Hope Springs (2012)

  1. Interesting. I redboxed this movie but never got a chance to watch it. The themes of stale relationships devoid of sex is more relatable than you think. I’m 23 and I have issues with a lack of sex in my relationship.


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