The Bourne Legacy (2012)

Once the actions start, it is extremely entertaining and exciting. That will be about an hour into the film. The first half is to establish the link between Matt Damon‘s Jason Bourne and his Bourne trilogy, and this franchise re-boot, with Jeremy Renner‘s Aaron Cross taking the lead. In other words, we will learn that there are different experimental military projects going on, we just need to understand who is in which one. The latest is project LARX 4?! subject with little emotion, i.e., just kill man and woman told!

I like the science part of the film, it makes sense, using virus to alter human DNAs, so that the subjects become stronger and smarter: highly plausible. The idea is not new though, there have been many attempts to modify humans to make them elite soldiers, Universal Soldier (1992), G.I.Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009),…or without modification, we know humans with altered DNAs, X-Men(2006-2009), have superpowers. So the difference here is this film makes us feel that this can actually be done and has already been deployed; perhaps, also as an answer to the super-human activities usually performed by the likes of Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible (1996-2011), i.e., no matter how many times they are kicked, elbowed, shot at, they survived or recovered.

Aaron Cross is the elite soldier, and his medical examiner Dr. Marta Shearing (Rachel Weisz) only knows him as Five. Dr. Shearing is working in a lab requires top clearance, and she scarifies her academic life to work in the facility. She is one of the researchers that works on the chems that are given to Aaron. He runs out of his meds and she is the only one that can help him to keep up with the dosage.

Retired Col. Eric Byer, USAF(Edward Norton) is the CIA top brass that orders to shut down the project Aaron is in, because Jason Bourne is about to bring them down…completely. In other words, shut it down and stay low,and he means absolutely no trace of evidence: kill all who know, except him and a few others.

The action starts when Aaron located Dr. Shearing, convinces her that he is her only ally, and they go overseas to retrieve the basal cells, so that he no longer needs to take the chems.

Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz are very convincing in the chase scene! It looks like they are really running for their dear lives.



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