Panic Room (2002) – Second Look

Cover of "Panic Room (Superbit Collection...

Cover of Panic Room (Superbit Collection)

Watching Ms.Foster acceptance speech at last week’s Golden Globes for her Cecil B. Demille award prompted me to watch some of her works again today, and I found my copy of the Panic Room (2002), which is in Superbit DVD, an era before blu-ray…In addition, I want to watch the young Kristen Stewart, who is much more natural here than in the Twilight franchise.

This film certainly worth the 112 encore minutes I put out! Other than Jodie Foster (Meg Altman) in her usual raised-above-all-odds heroine role, I forgot Forest Whitaker (Burnham) is in this too. So right away, we are taken to the main interest of this movie, the panic room, built into the master bedroom, in Manhattan upper west, of a brownstone house. Meg got divorced and as part of the settlement, I guess, she gets to buy a new house at whatever price the market demands. Three-storey house for a woman and a kid, so we know something will happen.

The house belonged to a financier, and the kids are fighting over inheritance. Jared Leto(Junior), the dumb mastermind, who spent the last two years with grandpa so that he could get to the info of hidden money in the safe, guess what, in the panic room. Right away, we know he is stupid, spoiled, and awful, i.e., kudos to Jared for doing such a good job! At first, it was just a deal between Jared and Burnham, the guy who literally built the room, but junior brought along a thug, Dwight Yoakam(Raoul), to …?! Anyway, if you haven’t seen this ever, it is a more serious version of Home Alone (1990), I mean at one point, Burnham even says, “I don`t want any help from Joe Pesci here!”, referring to Raoul.

I have to give credits to director, Chris Columbus, who used sounds, music, camera angles effectively to create the mood as if I were really in that room and house, and in the head of Meg: What the f*** I would do! In addition, we will quickly make judgement as to who we will like and who we will hate, and ambivalent, so no drag out characters development at all !

Back to Ms. Foster in the scene when the policemen finally show up, and one of them tells her that she can use eye-blinking as signal to tell them something is wrong inside… at that moment, I literally wait for her to blink! they leave and she closes the door. That makes sense, because shortly before, Sarah says,”Dad is rich, but mom is mad”, an answer to Brunham, “So, mom is rich?”

Unfortunately, I haven`t seen an equally suspenseful thriller lately, have I? Don’t remember. In other words, if you have this DVD, it is worthwhile to put it in the dvd-tray and watch this again! So good.

My next Ms.Foster’s movie will be Flightplan (2005).


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