Bernie (2011)

A moral dilemma!

It is a clean cut case that needs no CSI to determine what happened, but yet we must indulge to see what happens at the trial, or specifically to Bernie Tiede (Jack Black), the nicest man on earth, let alone a small town,Carthage, in East Texas.

Start out Bernie is an assistant funeral director, who loves his craft. He thinks that he is helping the deceased the best way to cross over. On the other hand, Marjorie Nugent(Shirley MacLaine), is the most awful person that no one likes her, one of those you want to keep a safe distant. Until Bernie holds her husband’s funeral, they get acquainted, and eventually he becomes her companion. At first, everything  is going really well, Marjorie finally thinks that someone cares about her, except one is one’s own worst enemy, she gets back on her nastiness, and despite all the positive energy Bernie has, Marjorie is sucking it all like a vampire. One day, he put four bullets in the back of Marjorie and preserved her body in a box freezer.

It is a trial by jury: innocence until proven guilty. The question is whether this is premeditated. Danny Buck(Matthew McConaughey), attorney of laws, goes about it as usual, painting Bernie as an opportunist. The town folks just can’t wrap their heads around that Bernie did such a thing, besides, maybe it is not half bad! During the nine months Marjorie’s absence, he spends part of her fortunes on the town, and some of the folks… but not a penny on himself, nor that he elopes.

Apparently this is based on a true story, and Bernie is still in jail.

Never like Jack Black’s movies, but this one changes my mind! He sings quite well too.




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