After.Life (2009)

Oh wow! Are we dead yet?

All style and gratuitous nudity from Christina Ricci (Anna Taylor)… but like the breathe left on the mirror, eventually it disappears.

So for 104 minutes, we are trying to determine if Anna was in fact dead. I guess director, Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo, wants to have a play on the word, cause there is clinically dead, there is brain dead but still alive,… and surely the in-between worlds dead. The trick to confuse me is Anna still talks, breaks things, and Eliot Deacon(Liam Neeson), funeral director, locks up the room, and turns down the temperature at night?!

Paul Coleman(Justin Long) believes his financée, Anna, is still alive to the extent that he hits a little boy, Jack(Chandler Canterbury), who is one of Anna’s student, cause he is just so guilt-ridden and in so much pain. Jack doesn’t only see dead people, he sees who will be a dead people too. He becomes Deacon’s apprentice.

Here is a good story, and done right: Vincent Ward‘s What Dreams May Come (1998).



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