Like Crazy (2011)

First Love. Long-distance. Longing. Heartaches. Separations. I bet most have experienced this once or twice, if not more.

This film is just raw, real and not sugar-coated! It’s all out there.

The story is simple, girl meets boy and they fall in love. Anna (Felicity Jones) is from England with a student visa, and Jacob (Anton Yelchin) is her classmate. Upon graduation, the inevitable happens, Anna must leave US, but she stays without extending her visa. Eventually she leaves, and they try to live their separate lives, but that doesn’t work out. They meet again, and madly they fall in love again. Parents, Jackie(Alex Kingston) and Bernard (Oliver Muirhead) are delighted that their daughter finds true love; they believe in them.  Jacob, in LA, has been doing quite well as a furniture designer, even having his own shop soon after graduation. He has a help at the shop, Sam(Jennifer Lawrence), and they have been sleeping together. Anna, in London, has been getting promotions at work, and life is not bad; she is social and coquettish with her neighbour, Simon(Charlie Bewley). Director, Drake Doremus, is smart to put in a lot of subtle references how usually long-distance love-affairs fall apart. I know he is very meticulous too, basing on the fact the two starts off communicating with an outdated Nokia phones, and gradually both have iPhones.

US immigration as we know is tough, especially once you violated their laws. Despite their efforts and decision to finally get married in England, the marriage doesn’t grant her to move to US. They accept the fact, and go on with their separate ways. Simon becomes Anna’s boyfriend, and Sam continues with Jacob. Simon even proposes marriage to Anna in front of her parents.

Another film that uses music as a conveyor of moods, doubts, despair, love, desire, …. not at the level of Wong Kar Wai’s In the Mood for Love (2000), but still.

Do we grow out of who we loved? madly perhaps then? Don’t we truly? If it is so fluid, then may be true love is just a myth?!




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