My Week with Marilyn (2011)

Cropped screenshot of Laurence Olivier and Mar...

Cropped screenshot of Laurence Olivier and Marilyn Monroe in the trailer for the film The Prince and the Showgirl (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sir.Kenneth Branagh himself delivers three marvelous soliloquies while transcending Sir. Laurence Olivier, but who is more fitting for this role other than Branagh? Nonetheless, there is a bit of an irony here perhaps, watching them three: Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe and Eddie Redmayne as Colin Clark. I mean Michelle Williams has some great roles under her belt, and Eddie Redmayne is certainly up and coming after Les Misérables (2012), but they are just a bit pale beside Dame. Judi Dench as Dame Sybil Thorndike, and Sir. Branagh. Pay attention to the subtlety of the makeup Sir. Laurence Olivier is putting on as the production progresses, heavier to re-create a more youthful look, as if to paraphrase what Dame Sybil Thorndike says, “… more mascara when you get even older!”. How fitting indeed. I bet you that was Sir. Branagh’s idea! I love his acting/directing Dead Again (1991) with then wife Emma Thompson.

So this is autobiographical of the real Colin Clark and the time he spent with Marilyn Monroe, in other words, through his lens we see how Monroe behaves, feels, acts, … was it really like that? had it been romanticized? no one will ever now, except the real Monroe herself. As such, I will accept this is perhaps one view of who Marilyn Monroe was, and am sure there are many others out there. Because of that we are still fascinated.

I wish there were more with my movie idol, Vivien Leigh(Julia Ormond), in this film. She looks awfully calm and with the slightest display of jealousy, so I wonder.

Perhaps, another film like My Week with Sir. Laurence Olivier would have be more charming and endearing?!



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