This Means War (2012)

Treat the CIA stuff as background noise and the film is not half-bad. The bromance between FDR Foster(Chris Pine) and Tuck(Tom Hardy) is just not developed enough to make us LOL, in fact, at times, they are kind of awkward together: artificial, despite trying hard to be convincing. Don’t get me wrong, there are certain chemistry between Chris and Tom… they hold back, what a shame!

On the other hand, I think Trish(Chelsea Handler) nails it, and she gives us the best laughs and punchlines. Lauren (Reese Witherspoon), has been there before, she knows how comedy works.

The story is about an artificial love triangle created when Tuck signed on to an online dating site, where Lauren’s account was set up by Trish, and Lauren picks him as a date. At the corner of the restaurant they go to, FDR is going about his old trick, which is to pick up chicks at movies rental on Friday afternoon. Lauren happens to be there after her rendez-vous with Tuck. In order to be more interesting with the CIA angle, artificially added are high-tech surveillance, car chases, bullets flying shootings, stealth tag teams, i.e., 007 stuff, or the macho guys stuff, perhaps to dilute the hot bromance involved in the first place. If that is true, Lauren is most likely just a distraction! just saying. Remember reading MAD’s black spy and white spy: a lot like that.

Stop. Lauren is a style consultant; in other words, she thinks too much down to picking her mate, cause she got burned once basing on emotions. Roger that! … So, two good-looking guys, who is she going to pick? Or more importantly, will she break the two best “hot” friends?

My vote was for Tuck, and Collins(Angela Bassett), their boss, was totally under-utilized. Otherwise, I wish Chris and Tom would be in the encore version of Brokeback Mountain (2005) ten years from now. Just saying.

WATCH only because of the actors in this film.


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