Keeping Mum (2005)

Cover of "Keeping Mum"

Keeping Mum

43 years ago, Rosie Jones (Emilia Fox) was on a train, pregnant, reading Country Life magazine, in its pages, one with a beautiful house caught her eyes, while a little girl peeked with her hands cupping her face sitting across… A trunk, in the luggage cart, with blood seeping out made, at first, a small spot, but gradually a puddle, when a conductor discovered. Rosie admitted her crime at the arrival of station to two cops on board, with more on the platform. She was sentenced to a mental institution for her crime of discontent: her husband cheated, so she chopped them up.

Gloria Goodfellow (Kristin Scott Thomas), mother of two kids, and wife to, Walter (Rowan Atkinson), a vicar of a parish in Little Wallop, a small village with a population of 57. Petey Goodfellow (Toby Parkes) is bullied at school, and Holly Goodfellow (Tamsin Egerton) is having shags that her mom is dying to get…perhaps, just a little. Lance (Patrick Swayze) is her option. Mysterious Gracie Hawkins (Maggie Smith) comes to take care of the family; her trunk arrives before she does! With Gracie around, Gloria’s life is getting better and better, what gives? that will depend on who goes six-feet under next…gracie-fully?

After the first scene, Serial Mom (1994) with Kathleen Turner came to mind right away. This is not a LOL murder-comedy, but it is entertaining enough. First time seeing the comedic side of  Kristin Scott Thomas.



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