Chloe (2009)

One of the problems I have with this otherwise erotic-thriller is why the über-rich family? Are we associating infidelity and jealousy only fitting for those who have money? Perhaps, it is to prove the point Dr. Catherine Stewart (Julianne Moore), a gynecologist, is powerful and rich enough to hire a high-paid girl?! Chloe (Amanda Seyfried).

For most parts, I get it and thanks to the great performance Julianne Moore put out; unfortunately, her husband Dr. David Stewart (Liam Neeson) is mostly in a supportive role.

Canadian director, Atom Egoyan, used Toronto as the backdrop of the film, which is great, cause I know exactly where all the locations were; it gives a homey feel, and he made Toronto looked attractive and beautiful.

I don’t know why Julianne Moore kept being overlooked and overrun at the Oscar? I mean, honestly, could we buy into this role if it were Meryl Streep? At the scene where she looks at the mirror shortly after Chloe walks out of the washroom stall, it is right there: despair, lost of youth, how to keep husband straight? what to do with ageing face? how my husband can ever dodge a young thing like that? She conveys that in mere minute through the reflection of a mirror. That’s dramatic performance!

Those things summarise the story basically, i.e., let’s attest the husband for loyalty and fidelity. The film is a bit operatic and poetic, and it shows that Atom Egoyan took time to develop the story between Chloe and Catherine, and does it develop! Watch the photography when their two hands meet, it is so nicely done: poetic.

So like an opera, a lot of things don’t make sense, cause most of the time opera is about human’s emotions… and drama. I wish there was a bit more background to Chloe’s story to make it tighter. I get the girl who wants to be loved in a nice family bit…but no one snaps like that: obsessive and psychotic. I also get that look of Chloe you bitch, I am going to get even using your son Michael Stewart (Max Thieriot). Too bad, the son character is under-developed too. He is not a mommy boy, nor a daddy clone? In therapy for what? being promiscuous? or being a rich kid? At least he is not Kevin in We need to Talk About Kevin (2011).

I like this movie… and if and only if there were an aria to accompany the last scene,  then that will make it truly operatic? an aria or a chorus of a tragedy fall.



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