Flight (2012)

There is quite a religious undertone with this film, so for me it is a bit 12-step-ish, i.e., surrender to God, and …. Nothing is wrong with that.

The story is about a great pilot, who has a history of substance abuse up to and beyond the wreckage of flight 227 he piloted. Denzel Washington is Captain Whip WhitakerHarling Mays (John Goodman) is his enabler, supplying him with whatever he wants. Long-time friend is Charlie Anderson (Bruce Greenwood), an ex-pilot turned union boss. Hugh Lang (Don Cheadle) is kick-ass lawyer that is also part magician who makes legal problems go away. Katerina Marquez (Nadine Velazquez) a flight crew member who wakes up Captain Whitaker the morning after the layover. Ken Evans(Brian Geraghty) is a virgin (his first voyage) religious co-pilot.

So the flight takes off from Orlando in somewhat turbulent weather. Cocky captain drives the plane manual to show off, or just being arrogant. Co-pilot, Ken, can only do what is ordered. Margaret Thomason (Tamara Tunie), crew manager, is more like captain’s lieutenant. 27 minutes away from destination, Atlanta, the plane takes a nose-dive and Captain Whitaker is woken up from his slumber. A miraculous landing on a plain field where a church resides. 6 casualties including 2 crew members. Captain survives and in hiding from media, despite deemed a hero! Chance puts him with Nicole (Kelly Reilly), an addict herself…or perhaps, it is divine intervention for both who escape death?

The climax is in the last 10 minutes, so I believe you will have to wait and see how it ends? but remember I say surrender at the beginning?!

Anyway, Denzel Washington doesn’t save the world, an orphan, nor stop a train, in fact, he even moons us … nonetheless, he does take us deep behind the lenses of how an alcoholic lives his personal life, and jeopardizing his professional’s consciously or perhaps, unconsciously?!

My only comment is that it is not messy enough with the substance abuse stuff, i.e., Nicole.



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