Pitch Perfect (2012)

So the last decade was all about cheering; hence, we had the Bring it On (2000) franchise, I guess we are now in the era of musical regionals and finals. At least this is the second pitch that came out in 2012; the last one I wrote was Joyful Noise (2012).

I am surprised to see Anna Kendrick taking the lead role as Beca. I mean many actors start out with roles like this and break out to more dramatic roles; this is the opposite. Don’t get me wrong, she is very good in this, but how can I not have trouble seeing her as the Natalie Keener, for the role she got an Oscar nomination, the placement consultant that sacks workers… I only can come to conclusion that by her taking this role, she can only expand her repertoire, which indeed is a smart move, and she has the voice to make it happens too.

Skylar Astin plays Jesse has equally good singing voice; he plays Beca love interest. Rebel Wilson plays Fat Amy is the one that we need to watch out, she is going to be one great comedian, which she proved to be  in What to Expect When You’re Expecting (2012).

The story is simple. First year college, joining social groups, trying  to fit in, making friends, discovering things, … in here, the focus is on the signing clubs that compete at the a-capella contests. The commentators are oldies of the contests themselves,  Gail (Elizabeth Banks) and John (John Michael Higgins). As usual, boring old routines need updating, internal rivalry, fighting to be the leader, new act wins the finals…

Lots of  remixes of old, new and familiar songs, which is quite entertaining. Of course, old college jokes here and there.

Not being critical, and I know Beca doesn’t really want to be in college, nor being a bella, but either Anna Kendrick  puts out a great performance, or she really does not want to be in this … see! preconception ruins good things that could be!




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