Seven Psychopaths (2012) and Here Comes the Boom (2012)

Two totally different films, but one common underlining theme: Bromance!

In Seven PsychopathsMarty(Colin Farrell) is a screenplay writer, and Billy(Sam Rockwell) is a movie star, and Marty is his best bud, or only. Billy is also a part-time dogs kidnapper for Hans (Christopher Walken),who is married to Myra (Linda Bright Clay); Myra is a cancer patient. The story is really about these three guys, and how their lives intertwine. Myra is the only female actor with real dialogues.

In Here Comes the Boom, Scott Voss(Kevin James), is a biology teacher, and his colleague, Marty Streb (Henry Winkler) runs the school’s music program. The school is in financial problems, and Scott is trying to save Marty’s job and the music program; Marty also has a newly pregnant 48 year old wife. Bella Flores (Salma Hayek) is the only female actor in the story!?!  a token love interest for Scott.

My point is quite clearly illustrated.

Both are fine movies. Seven Psychopaths is refreshing, given it is about stories among seven psychopaths, six really, since #1 and #7 are the same person. The only sane person is Marty, but he has his own alcoholic demon to deal with. The question is how revenge should be taken out on the person who wronged you?! a)eye for an eye (the opening scene is quite comical that will sure catch your attention), b)putting him through the living hell, a shoot-out and blow-out, or c) be spiritual or seek non-violent resolution! This is the kind of film that you need to see it yourself, but I guarantee that it is entertaining, very! Sam Rockwell carries this film, and with weird Christopher Walken, and dog-loving mob boss, Charlie (Woody Harrelson), those sure make too good a combo to pass by!


Here Comes the Boom is an updated version of Music of the Heart(1999) without the drama. A quick google search leads me to Rich Franklin, who is also a teacher turned UFC professional. You guess it, the story is how Scott fights his way to the UFC’s ring and save the school and Marty’s life. His trainer is Niko (Bas Rutten), and youtube’s sensation Charice plays Malia. The last part is unrealistic, but moving (romanticized) enough. So if you like films depict underdogs that turn bad situations around, you will certainly like this.


P.S. Is this a trend? Bromance movies! Or is this a new genre? Maybe, it is more a sub-genre of chick-flicks? After-all, it seems like these films are chasing  female audiences with their metro-sexual dates?!



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