The Sessions(2012)

Now perhaps I understand why Helen Hunt was showing her I was not amused face throughout Seth MacFarlane’s “I see your boobs” number sang at The Oscars last Sunday. I mean she was very natural in the film, and exactly how her character, Cheryl, wants to portray it: the body is nothing to be ashamed of.

The film is based on Mark O’Brien’s essay “On seeing a sex surrogate”, dated May 1990, published in the Sun Magazine, and we do see what was written plays out in the movie.  Mark is played by John Hawkes. The added was Cheryl’s family life, which I am sure had a dose of movie drama mixed in it , like the typical non-sexual relationship in a marriage. On top we had the Catholic priest, Father Brendan(William H. Macy), offering spiritual counselling.

Sex surrogate is a profession, so I will take it as face-value. Wiki says they usually are trained in psychology, sex education and counselling.

This film provides a more in-depth look at disability and sexuality, which tend to be a “let’s deal with it one day at a time” moment for most films, like films with war veterans came back disabled… or from spouse survived a car accident.



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