Stoker (2013)

A stylish film that leaves an audience pondering…just for an hour, perhaps. South Korean films have been part of the asian cinema landscape for quite a while now, for Japanese horrors are usually creepy, Korean’s are equally, and can be more visceral. Stoker is  Chan-wook Park, famous South Korean director, North American directorial debut. The poster sees the same style that usually covers a dvd case of a same genre in South Korea: Parents standing stoically, with bloody twin teenager daughters hugging their cellos.

I offer a few interpretations:

1) coming of age killer: India Stoker (Mia Wasikowska). It’s India’s 18th birthday, as an adult she can kill without quilt, perhaps? or a natural killer has finally blossomed; she was trained in hunting since she was young, and stuffed her kills as trophies: signs of a psychopath!  The shower scene blatantly shows the progression from fright to orgasm after Whip (Alden Ehrenreich), schoolmate, was killed.

2)If there were really a Uncle Charles (Matthew Goode), it would prove that madness run in the family. I see him as her imaginary alter-ego that acts out the dirty deeds. Hence, her desire of a close relationship with her mother: transposed. Evelyn Stoker (Nicole Kidman) resents her daughter and  distanced from her late husband Richard Stoker (Dermot Mulroney) further provides clues of developmental issues with India, or mother instinct to keep India at a distance.

3) At face-value, the film was intriguing, slow-paced that accompanied with  interesting images and use of colours; nonetheless, a bit long.



4 thoughts on “Stoker (2013)

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  3. I thought this movie was terrible. All style. No substance. None of the characters act like real people. None of the strange, though admittedly striking, imagery leads to real plot points.


    • I agree that it might be trying too hard, but there were some good looking imagery, like the transition from hair combing to the field of tall grasses… The shoes in boxes were kind of brilliant and the last being a pair of stilettos was stylish; meaningful? Perhaps, just a bit.


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