Love and Other Drugs (2010)

English: Jake Gyllenhaal on a visit to New Eye...

English: Jake Gyllenhaal on a visit to New Eyes Português: Jake Gyllenhaal em uma visita ao New Eyes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And I thought this would be one of those smart boy-meets-girl-head-over-the-heels story, but it was more. How so? it had some weights to it, and not being overly shallow.

Kudos to Jake Gyllenhaal‘s Jamie Randall, Anne Hathaway‘s Maggie Murdock, and their steamy sex scenes! I wonder if they were played by body doubles? I mean almost everything was out there on the screen, especially with Maggie.

Basically, the story is about Jamie, who is a nobody until he signs up to become a sales rep. for Pfizer. He has a rich family, father is a doctor, and geeky brother is a multimillionaire. Bruce Winston is his mentor/boss that pushes Jamie to sell, sell, sell. Jamie becomes successful all right and he is also getting the girls, but that is until he meets sex-maniac, Maggie. I think the film is drawing a parallel between the use of drugs and of sex to cure one’s woe, since both may have similar effects on the neurocenter.

This film starts out as a comedy, and midway through it turns into a drama. Maggie is not well; she has stage one Parkinson. Apparently, the question for Jamie is whether he will weather the ups and downs of Maggie’s disease together? as her lifemate.

There was a nice balance between the amount of comedy and drama with this film, which made it, in a way, adorable. Serious subjects- medical profession, drugs pushing, disabling diseases, and love-were discussed, and at the right place and right time.

WATCH and be prepared for those naked beautiful bodies!


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