In Time (2011)

Cillian Murphy, arriving to the New York Film ...

Cillian Murphy, arriving to the New York Film Festival premiere of Breakfast on Pluto – October 2005 I took this photo myself. Here’s the original, posted by me on flickr. Mirka 15:57, 1 July 2007 (UTC) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not figuratively speaking, but In Time takes the word time seriously and literally, cause one can die running out of  it [time]. The worst in life, I guess, is to watch one’s own death with a time-clock tattooed to one’s arm counting down to 0:00:00: heart stops.

The script is definitely original, but the story is at par with many that talk about the haves and have-nots, or the colloquial term one percent that controls everything because of what they have in abundance, and in this case, time. Literally, they bank it, loan it out to those that can least afford it at absurd high interest, and collect to the last second until they die.

Another concept used here is at age 25 one stops ageing, and free time is up; one has to start earning their time to prolong it. In other words, one has the pleasure of keeping the body alive and even aiming for immortality if and only if one has lots of time accumulated: inherited or stolen. That’s why this film has only young actors in it (another original).

Will Salas (Justin Timberlake) received a gift from Henry Hamilton(Matt Bomer), who at 105 no longer wanted to carry on. Raymond Leon (Cillian Murphy), the timekeeper, is relentless to prove that Will stole from Henry. Sylvia Weis(Amanda Seyfried), the rich heiress that literally loaded with time to watch paint dry, but nonetheless rebellious at heart. Philippe Weis(Vincent Kartheiser) is the tycoon that controls the zones that he runs, and Sylvia’s father. One caveat, while watching this you must believe that they all have high moral standards, cause evidently they are all young and beautiful. In other words, if Philippe doesn’t tell you his chronological age, you may as well think that Sylvia is his girlfriend. That was a bit bizarre when I watched Will waking up to celebrate her beautiful and young mother’s, Rachel Salas(Olivia Wilde), 50’s birthday! I guess the tale to tell here is that one can have a youthful look, but without any currency to go with it, life is still hard.

So Will with his extra time downloaded, he ventures through eight zones to taste the goods and life that he has dreamed of. Here is how it works, a cup of coffee in zone 12, the ghetto, is 2 minutes per cup, and a standard room in a hotel in zone 4 is a week…what a novel idea! He stays at a posh hotel’s luxury suite, has lunch, and plays some cards at the casino, where he meets Philippe, who lost at a game to Will. Now with more time, Will is invited to Philippe’s mansion to play another game of cards, where he meets Sylvia. The rest is banking on the movie classic, Bonnie and Clyde(1967).

The moral of the story is what spiritual gurus have been telling us: live life now, and not to constantly worry being out-of-time all the time.

Funny, before Henry left and waited for his death, he wrote to Will, who was sleeping, on fogged up window, “Don’t waste my time!”. Maybe?!

WATCH for it has an original plot.


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