Olympus Has Fallen (2013)

Gerard Butler has arrived, alas!

If this film does not propel him to Bruce Willis‘s, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s or Sylvester Stallone‘s status, super-human-hero, then I don’t know what will? Well if he doesn’t then he can always go back and take on more heartthrob-hottie roles. I do hope people realize how talented and underrated he is, and versatile, even he does not deny it. Don’t forget, he sang the Phantom in The Phantom of the Opera (2004).

This is a new film genre: video game film. The last one I saw was Battle: Los Angeles(2011) with Aaron Eckhart playing the lead. My definition of a video game film is one with simple plot, but serious artillery. Target audiences are kids, for they will be fascinated by the weaponry and brutality, and parents by their idolized celebrity like Gerard Butler,Aaron Eckhart,Dylan McDermott,Morgan Freeman,Angela Bassett,…

If you have played first-person shooter video games, you know they are intertwined with life-like animated movies at the beginning and as you defeat your enemies before unlock to a new level. So did Olympus has fallen‘s opening ten minutes, except it has real actors, but unfortunately the scripts they use are the same-ridiculous.

It is Christmas time at Camp Davis, the first family of the United States of America is on their way to a fundraiser. Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) is head of presidential security. President Benjamin Asher(Aaron Eckhart) is with wife, first lady, Margaret Asher(Ashley Judd) in their own limousine, and son Connor(Finley Jacobsen) is in same SUV with Mike. An accident…”NO!!!’,cries President Asher, as his limo fell into the frozen river with first lady inside. Eighteen months later, Mike works the security in treasury: PTSD.

It is South Korean’s Prime Minister first visit at the White House. Forbes(Dylan McDermott), who was at the accident and worked for Mike, is now with the South Korean diplomatic team’s entourage. There is no mystery that everyone in that entourage is an assassin: no smiles, all seriousness! White House is at siege and no one will be spared, and there will be blood, lots of it. Tons of bullets are fired, and knives jab in heads like in video games. The goal is simple: Mike, save President Asher again!!

While the actions are inside the White House, the real acting is in the control central where we have Speaker Trumbull(Morgan Freeman) and Secret Service Director Lynn Jacobs(Angela Bassett) in command. They were so good, as usual, in it that they made me worry as much as they did going from bad to worst!

Obviously this is made because Hollywood is competing for its share of violence, storytelling, and money from video games makers, since the only difference between the two is the former uses real actors and the latter animate characters with real actor voices. In regard to their plots and scripts, I can’t tell the difference, cause they are equally ridiculous, but exciting.

Lastly I demand that Gerard Butler to be the new 007, he has certainly earned it by now! That will put him right in the Scottish footsteps of Sean Connery.

WATCH for what it is: an action thriller… BANG! BANG! BANG!BOOM!

P.S. there is another siege on June 28White House Down with Channing Tatum.


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