My Awkward Sexual Adventure (2013) … it’s made in Canada, sorry.

Toronto, ON – Officially selected by the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) as one of Canada’s Top Ten Films in 2012, My Awkward Sexual Adventure (Phase 4 Films), will make its theatrical debut at Cineplex theatres in select cities across Canada beginning April 19, 2013. Directed by Sean Garrity, My Awkward Sexual Adventure features an all Canadian cast including: Gemini Award winner, Jonas Chernick, who also wrote and co-produced the film; Genie nominated actress Emily Hampshire, Vik Sahay (NBC’s Chuck), and Sarah Manninen.

759For me, it is rather tame, but for a conservative audience, most likely, this can be quite raunchy. Since I am no debutant in sexual matters, I will write keeping conservatism in mind like I will not say the opening scene is exactly how I felt, but I did get jolted once in a while to stay awake, which is good. It means audiences, unlike me, may watch this through their fingers, blush, and elbow her beaus or his belles with a little chuckle. It’s a good thing, because Torontonian, or Canadian need that jolt badly, and not from Tim’s or Starbucks: you know what I mean, eh!

So the film is like an accountant driving 105, in a blue Mustang convertible, on Highway 401: aggressive enough so not to get into trouble. The sexual stuff is all out there from vanilla missionary position to MFF threesome, to BDSM. There are breasts and penises(it’s 2013, what the freak, there are boobs and cocks, more than I thought CRTC would allow). Also, there are sex toys you may have never seen, let alone touched, and clubs that have never known, let alone been. Despite all these, I am sorry that this film is just another rom-com wrapped in some deviant-boobs-and-cocks play. I mean those scenes that jolted me were seriously mouth-opening: how did the director,Sean Garrity, filmed them with the actors doing like real. I am referring to lesson 1: Rub and Tug, and Cunnilingus 101.

The story is about a Winnipeg couple who know each other since twelve, Jordan Abrams(Jonas Chernick, who also penned the script) is an accountant, and Rachel Stern(Sarah Manninen) wants a sexcapde. They take a break after Rachael finds out Jordan can never satisfy her sexually, despite their puppy-love relationship. Jordan flies out to Toronto sans Rachael and stays with pal Dandak Sajal(Vik Sahay), who wants to teach Jordan how to be a sexy lover like him. The irony is that Dandak can’t even save himself after meeting Reshma(Melissa Marie Elias), an arranged date, for he has to recoil to become a naive-dorky-religious-hindu guy, so that his soul-mate doesn’t know his slutty & barely-legal past: If only he had been Jordan.

Jordan on the other hand tries hard to make Rach so jealous that she will beg him to go back to Winnipeg, and marry him. Along the way, he must get better with his sexual skills to sustain the relationship. Julia Bowe (Emily Hampshire), a stripper, becomes his Yoda, and Jordan becomes her Jedi apprentice! Let the lessons start.

The love story is fairly predictable, so may as well skip it here. Ok, ok, part of it is that we may have hidden talents, so dig deep, and may your wish comes true, chef Julie Child.

Here is my verdict, I will watch this rather than The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005), which I never finished. This film has likable characters in a city that I love, and with the type of openness and truthfulness we enjoy here in Toronto: an accountant in drag on Church street on live TV, and the accounting firm seems to be OK with it…that only happens in Canada! But being serious for a second, who hasn’t gone through the same dilemma of wondering whether he or she is the One–before, during and even after their relationship?!

As Julie says, “You can’t worry about it being messy when you are down there!” That summarizes it, I bet.

WATCH: Canadians watch Canadian-made film! Go for it.



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