G.I.Joe:Retaliation 3D(2013)

US has fallen again this week; Not its markets.

Another White House We Have a Problem film but this one was mind-boggling; none made sense. Sure, the bad guys wanted world domination, and had built 7 weapons of mass destruction, so why the hassle of having G7 leaders came to a summit meeting? Couldn’t you, the bad guys, just show them on TV with global broadcasting like you did with the first one G.I.Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009)? Yes, those twenty minutes led up to the climatic ending…for show only. So you shall see this film as such: for its CGI effects only.

Now I understand why it was frozen for a year, modified, and re-marketed, but it was still bad.

At production meeting:

– here is what you will do: get  Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Willis, focus on the CGI stuff, in fact, stretch them, and write something coherent enough to tie the scenes together! Just give the audience a big boom kala boom at the end, OK!?!  Wait, I don’t like the title G.I.Joe: the briefcases, work on that as well! 

End of meeting. 

The story is there was no story.

And America has no guns control issue, just check out retired General Joe Colton‘s (Bruce Willis) kitchen! Big boom, boom!



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