House at the End of the Street (2012)

OMG. Aha. Yah. Fwd. NO.Wow.

Oh My God. Is she possessed or something? She,Carrie Anne(Eva Link),walks funny. Mommie,Mary Jacobson(Krista Bridges) and then daddy, John Jacobson(John Healy) get hammered. She runs into the woods, and drowns falling into the dam. Three years later …

Aha, right, Sarah (Elisabeth Shue) tags daughter Elissa(Jennifer Lawrence) to a new town starting over from a failed marriage. They lease the house at a good deal because Jacobson’s house looks over theirs. Neighbours bitch about the dropped values of their properties because of what happened. Sarah is a doctor, no less! She works at the local hospital. She is good-looking and flirtatious; a slut so says her daughter. Weaver(Gil Bellows)is her target and the local sheriff, who know the Jacobson very well. Elissa is a normal teenager, goes to school, misses her father, plays in a band, and always wants to rescue someone: Ryan Jacobson (Max Thieriot) in this case. Ryan inherited the house after what happened; he had been living with his aunt before he returns.

Yah I saw it coming: Elissa wants Ryan, and mom objects. She doesn’t want Elissa to follow her footsteps: become a M.D.? Of course not, it’s more like to be a slut! Anyway, teenager’s defiance rules common sense. Then, of course, things get weird with Ryan. The memory of her sister, who killed their parents, falling off the swing when they were young that made her a lunatic has become a curse and a lifelong redemption for him. But he will always take care of her in the locked basement of the house. Confused yet? Then he gets into a fight with a neighbour’s kid, Tyler(Nolan Gerard Funk), and crushed his ankle stomping on it couple of times.

No! Elissa, don’t go to Ryan’s house! Can’t you tell he is weird and beyond rescue?! She goes there anyway. She walks in the house and finds the garbage full of empty tampon boxes. She sees a woman’s wallet by the sink, and is shocked to see a Penn State student ID inside of a Penny Jones. Ryan shows up, she gives him the wallet. Elissa’s mom calls, she better goes. Ryan bangs her head on the door ledge, not so fast, and she falls. Elissa wakes up, tied to a chair, she sees Carrie Anne gagged in bed with Ryan forces on her. Will she escape? What is he going to do?

Wow, the ending is something! and of course, everything makes perfect sense, the puzzle fits. Poor Ryan, he is the true victim here.

Only problem is that it is just too perfect, too convenient, and the location too remote to make a believer out of me. Let’s not even go Psycho (1960)(1998) with this one. The only thing Ryan and Norman have in common were their cross-dressing experiences (wink!).

SKIP… watch if you want to see another Jennifer Lawrence‘s good performance.


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