Sound of My Voice (2011)

Cerebral. I like it.

It started out sort of  like a docu-drama demystifying a cult like the Heaven Gate, and I thought it would give us reflective thoughts as to why people would join and end their lives believing in and trusting the leader.

Lorna Michaelson(Nicole Vicius) and Peter Aitken(Christopher Denham), both had a trouble childhood, are finally let inside the cult of  Maggie(Brit Marling). It is somewhere in a basement, and Maggie was from the future, 2054. There is a handshake ritual at entrance with deputy Klaus(Richard Wharton). Peter and Lorna are there to capture footage to defunct Maggie the fraudster, so they hope. All the while, there was meditative music in the background that mixed with soothing new-age dialogues. Talking about blatant subliminal calmness to carry you through this film, and it worked quite well, tranquilly.

The big question is whether Maggie really was from the future came back here to help people to get to a safe place in the future. In one scene, Lam(Alvin Lam) tries to challenge her asking the song  she sings that she claims to be a “current” hit of her time, which turns out to be  Dreams by Cranberries of the ’90s. After some mumble jumble critical reasoning Maggie makes, Lam is kicked out of the group. She says, “In my time, the song was by Benetton…” What would you say? Benetton, seriously, why not Gap? or you would say we do hum a past tone that we think it is original.

There were many other instances that seemed to confirm that Maggie was a fake, but just like how Peter felt, at times, she could be very convincing with her consistent story. Basically her claim was that we chose what we wanted to believe, but in her way she was real.

Then there was the mysterious school kid, Abigail Pritchet(Avery Kristen Pohl), in Peter’s class that is picked on by everyone. She sleeps on the pavement waiting for her pickup after school. She builds stuff using black Lego blocks after school until bedtime, everyday. She wears a knitted hat all the time, and her father gives her a needle on her toe every night. She has a housemaid, a father, but no mother.

We, humans, sometimes exercise poor judgement even the facts are smacked in front of us: infomercial’s products anyone?!There are blatant facts that Maggie is a fake, but there are also convincing truth that she can indeed be from the future. Question is which one you choose, and how far you will defend it. It boils down to: Believe, trust , don’t ask, or Proof, proof, proof? which one are you?



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