Virginia (2010)

This is certainly an outside-the-box film:satirical, funny, weird, sad, and many more.

Virginia(Jennifer Connelly) lives in a small coastal town with her son. The summer’s fair-ground is pretty much the only economy going on there. There is a bank and a supermarket, and everyone knows everyone. Obviously, folks want to leave town in search of a better life, but easier said then done. Virginia is the one trapped in the town, but more so she is in the body of a mentally ill person, and worse she also has lung cancer.

Local sheriff, Richard Tipton(Ed Harris), has been her lover for the last sixteen years. Everyone in town knows about them, except his wife, Roseanna Tipton(Amy Madigan).I guess that’s how Mormon wife should be: don’t ask, follow God. Sheriff Tipton is a good christian himself, and he is running for Senate seat. If there is good, there is evil, and he likes to order sex toys and magazines that arrive in anonymous brown boxes. He uses them on Virginia,but not until they say a prayer first.

Emmett(Harrison Gilbertson) is Virginia’s son, and probably the only one that is sane in the whole town, who has an outlook on life. He falls in love with the sheriff’s daughter Jessie Tipton(Emma Roberts) and got married, with his mom witnessing the ceremony. He works at the fair; the owner is Max(Toby Jones) with a pink ferris wheel, and he is also a cross-dresser, who takes interest in one of Emmett’s friend, Dale(Paul Walter Hauser).

There is a bank robbery, and the robber wears a guerrilla mask, a floral dress, and matching heels. The robber queues in line to rob the bank. The robber fails, runs out, falls over, and loses one of her shoes. Dale and Max fit the shoe-I haven’t laughed this hard watching a movie.

Sheriff Tipton is trying to get the Governor to come to the town’s labor day celebration so that he can get an endorsement for his campaign. All the while, his life is crumbling left-right-and-center, the problem is he has no clues about them.

So if you decide to see something different, pick this one especially if you are sick and tired of cookie-cutters films. I think you will have fun without actually being on a roller-coaster.



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