Jurassic Park 3D (2013)

The added dimension was worth the ticket price.

This is the twentieth anniversary of Spielberg’s Jurassic Park (1993); Sam NeillLaura DernJeff GoldblumSamuel L. JacksonBD WongWayne Knight (Seinfeld’s Newman), Lord Richard Attenborough are all looking good and they are as great as I saw them twenty years ago, and many times since. The 3D-effects were well-done, I felt I was in Jurassic Park. While watching the 3D landscape with the dinosaurs in the background, I couldn’t help but sensing that Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)  might be the next Spielberg’s film going 3D, and why not? Only projection on a theater screen makes 3D pop; so forget about 3D TVs!

The ingredients for a good film are few: convincing story, great characters, and impeccable flow. Jurassic Park certainly has all three, and the 3D effect is the bonus immersion!

WATCH 4sure!


2 thoughts on “Jurassic Park 3D (2013)

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