Red Dragon (2002)

Red dragon

Red dragon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How could I have little recollection of Red Dragon (2002),  for I also read the novel? 

Last Thursday I watched Hannibal(TV-2013)it piqued my interest to re-visit the character of  Will Graham, so I found, popped, and watched Red Dragon again.

Hannibal(2001) was out the year before, which I hated both novel and film-too gruesome. But both Red Dragon and The Silence of the Lamb were page-turner! I remember I finished reading each, at different time, in about two days, almost non-stop.

Red Dragon is a prequel to The Silence of the Lambs(1991); Anthony Hopkins resumed the role  Hannibal Lecter, he is incarcerated in the same heavy-glass cell as we had seen in  The Silence of the Lambsand in the same jump-suite…

So here are the whys you should also watch this again:

1) you want to know more about the character of Will Graham

2)an amazing cast and tight fast-pace thriller: Edward NortonRalph FiennesEmily WatsonHarvey KeitelPhilip Seymour HoffmanAnthony Heald(Dr. Frederick Chilton)

3) same references between Hannibal(TV-2013and Red Dragon (2002), so a quick refresher for the TV series.

4)the story was at par with The Silence of the LambsIt was not about revenge, but how to catch a serial killer. The most intriguing thing for both films was how Will and Clarice play the same game with Hannibal,and vice versa; it is like a tennis match. Edward Norton, underrated, did a fabulous job showing the torn between the love of his talents and the love for his family. Ralph Fiennes played Francis Dolarhyde, as usual, mastered the character-watch that scene when blind Emily Watson‘s Reba McClane wanted to touch Francis’s face, but her fingers went to his lips;Francis’s tongue waggled.Philip Seymour Hoffman‘s Freddy Lounds was right on: pathetic and unethical slimbag that deserved his end. Emily Watson‘s Reba McClane, she convinced me at the pecan pie.

Hopefully the TV series will match up with and to the opening scene climax between Will and Dr. Lecter.



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