Oblivion (2013)

Flawless? perhaps. Original? not so much.

It is not one of those sci-fi films that you will say WTF  after watching, like Solaris (2002) or Beyond the Black Rainbow(2010); the story here is coherent, plausible, explainable and has an ending.

Jack (Tom Cruise) narrates at the beginning that Earth was destroyed and he and Victoria (Andrea Riseborough) are the only humans on earth that manage and safe-guard its resources. Giant blocks of machinery (floating rigs) are sucking ocean water out for purification to be used on a satellite moon close to mars, where humans now reside. Jack and Vika are to complete their mission in two weeks to join the rest, and they are effective team as lover and as colleagues: he works, she seduces.

Until one day, Jack gets a beacon signal, disconnects it, and something falls out of the sky: a pre-dated object.

I say flawless; I mean in style. Clean lines, beautiful landscapes, and vacant lands. What-else can be more serene and breath-taking when you become the only man on earth? It could be lonely, but the ability to ride freely on that dragon-fly spacecraft anywhere, it could be amazing. What about swimming in that glass pool that hangs underneath the building on the terrace?

I had no problem just taking in the photography and cinematography in the first hour with minimal dialogues.

Here are the NOs to originality that the storyteller should know better, especially it is this film’s M.O.-we remember; we remember seeing in that other film. At the end of it, I kept saying this was a film made of fragments of other films’ DNA; it is not a clone, but you see the resemblance.

2001:A Space Odyssey’s HAL; Star Wars’s Ewoks; Aliens’s Ripley’s cryo-sleep in space; Resident Evil‘s Alice; Matrix’s human storage pods; Matrix’s sentinels; Resident Evil:Retribution’s Rain (Michelle Rodriguez)…you get the point!

It’s a good-looking film! WATCH. 

P.S. If those drones are so intelligent? and assuming central control is too, why do they need a repairman like Jack to fix them? Even the robots in I, Robot (2004) never die or at least they fix their own kind, not to mention R2D2!




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