12 Angry Men (1957)

English: Angry

English: Angry (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is certainly a classic drama that pre-dates any that we have seen since then, and it is still relevant. Although today’s jury will compose of both genders, the disagreements and agreements are sure to be just as lively, intense, and heated.

12 angry men, 12 psychological profiles, and you will watch them(again, perhaps) while placing yourself in one or more of their shoes. Can we truly be objective and not be persuaded? what about prejudice that we all have!

Talk about bullying, this film shows how it is done: coercion with brute force!- Juror#3 Lee J. Cobb and Juror#10 Ed Begley. What do you do with a potato-head ( see I judge) Juror#7 Jack Warden? Many articles have been written that these jurors are our classmates, peers, colleagues, siblings, friends,… they are our human nature, and I don’t think it has changed much or perhaps it is getting worse: the decline of our collective critical reasoning. Admitted those head-scratching moments are among us daily.

This film is a classic for a reason, and must be watched for the story and acting!


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