Hannibal (2013 TV)

NBC’s new TV series Hannibal is appealing (I take it back after episode 6: other than up-the-gruesome killing each week, there was nothing else to it; everyone looks depressed.)   

I downloaded the first episode from iTunes, which is free. This episode is more about Special Agent Will Graham(Hugh Dancy) than Dr. Hannibal Lecter(Mads Mikkelsen). Will is a character in both Thomas Harris’s novel Red Dragon, and the two film versions:  Red Dragon(2002) with Edward Norton and Manhunter(1986) with William Petersen. This is a back story giving details as to who Will Graham is? and how his relationship with Dr. Lecter develops.

From what I read, NBC is pushing the envelope and competing with cable TV’s shows that also shower with  blood and gore, so far it has been successful with the first two episodes. I have to say though, with Hannibal some of the killings are quite poetic and stylish, but at times straight-forward: throat slashed no-if-and-or-but, no corny melodrama either.

The mystique of Hannibal the Cannibal in the first two episodes is still sending chill down my spine knowing what he is capable of  in the film version; Danish Mads Mikkelsen in both  A Royal Affair (2012) and  Casino Royale(2006) is a great pick for Hannibal:  sexy, mysterious, gentlemanly!

Episode 1: There are two murders, organs are extracted from the victims. He cooks; my stomach churns watching him cook. As usual he enjoys his foods over a bottle of Chianti. Brilliant!

Question: did he have anything to do with those murders or perhaps the killer?

It also has great characters development; I instantly hate nosy journalist  Freddie Lounds(Lara Jean Chorostecki). Laurence Fishburne is Agent Jack Crawford, another great casting. Special Agent Will Graham is a psychopath with empathy-amazingly oxymoron!

WATCH … who doesn’t love and scare of Dr. Hannibal Lecter at the same time! (Thursdays at 10 pm)


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