Iron Man Three 3D (2013)


Are we equating destruction as fireworks now? to draw the audience, he says. That and that blew those up, we certainly could do better! But let’s pace it, we don’t want to show them all at once, we have to build-up the destruction power. Remember, nothing is sacred , not even the US President, and Air Force One.

Is the film entertaining? sure, but to a certain extent. Is it funny? sparingly. Is it a good franchise follow-up? maybe.

Lots of gadgets, but the database stuff was getting a bit tiresome. We have had seen virtual screens many times now, perhaps, something new is in order. So what  is entertaining? Harley(Ty Simpkins), the kid? No, Robert Downey Jr.‘s light was too bright, the kid was merely in the shadow. Ben Kingsley‘s The Mandarin-predictably Shakespearean. Gwyneth Paltrow‘s Pepper Potts, same old, submissive. Guy Pearce‘s Aldrich Killian, the ugly duckling villain transformed-Uma Thurman‘s Poison Ivy in Batman & Robin (1997), her side-kick was Bane (Jeep Swenson), his, Savin(James Badge Dale) . Actually, I do like the Real-3D effects.

Funny moments? ha ha, smile here and there. What about the quirkiness of Robert Downey Jr.?-tiresome. We know he plays himself, but at some point he has to engage in the character. I am being fair; how is his acting here different from that in the Sherlock Holmes’s franchise?

As a follow-up to which now… its original franchise or The Avengers (2012)? I like the first Iron Man (2008), because it has a human story- his greed driven father’s friend Obadiah Stane (Jeff Bridges); awakening of his own destructive creations; a love affair. So is it a good follow-up? the franchise will go on, either as its own, or merge with The Avengers.

The story now: everything is a farce in disguise, ethic and moral are now commodities that can be bought and sold, US is fighting US, actors are politicians and politicians are sitting ducks! lastly, we are The Nukes

SKIP… the DVD is already in production in some factory in China, LOL! ( and I bet I am right)

P.S. lots of product placement including TV channels, and shows – Downton Abbey?! – seriously.

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