Movie Review: Moon (2009)



This is the film you need to watch instead of Oblivion (2013) if you are interested to get a better insight as to secret cloning in outer-space. It tells you what could go wrong or right about it, in which Oblivion (2013) it presumes isolation between two clones is perfectly controlled. But  in both cases, they are proven wrong:clone meets clone. Worst, both humans and aliens are doing a lousy job controlling that chance encounter from happening.

What’s an arrière-vu: déjà vu in Oblivion (2013)? Sam (Sam Rockwell), the engineer of Lunar Inc. on earth, is the only resident on moon to ensure helium rich energy source is harvested and ship to earth obviously to make a profit. It’s t-minus two weeks for his replacement to arrive, so that he can return home, earth, to his wife Tess (Dominique McElligott) and daughter Eve. Sam has a few hobbies to keep him busy, although he is alone. His only companion is GERTY ( Kevin Spacey ), a computer system that controls different mechanical outlets in the facilities. Despite his excitement of his long awaited return home, Sam starts to hallucinate. At one of his routine harvester maintenance check-ups, his lunar convoy hits the harvester and he is stranded.

Sam wakes up in the medical centre-disoriented.  There are no bruises to account for, and he is perfectly normal, even the burn (he burned himself before leaving for the repairs) on his hand has recovered. Gerty is restricting his access to outside for safety purpose. Eager to get back to his job, Sam fools Gerty and gains access to the convoy and reaches the crush site. He suites up and goes in to the crashed convoy… he discovers himself being unconscious. He rescues him back to the station.

Sam1 thinks that he is losing his mind seeing double, but Sam2 is more curious and more introspective of the events that occur. Even clones could be different, y’know! Eventually, they come to terms with who they are. A video feed tells them a rescue team has been dispatched to fix the harvester! During this time, Sam1 is turning for the worst, I presume is pneumonia. Sam2 devises a plan to return to earth to uncover the corporate mischief Lunar Inc. is hiding! And guess where is the original Sam? and who is he? surprise, surprise! (NOT)

Sam Rockwell is the only character in this movie, and he does a fine job: convincing, interesting, and entertaining. This was way better than Clooney in Solaris (2002), which was supposed to be a philosophical solo reflection in space.



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