Life During Wartime (2009)

source: IMDb

source: IMDb

Serious-funny? Funny-serious? Can both exist together?

There are a lot of serious life lessons in this film, and do you laugh or do you keep solemn face and keep that as it goes? This film is very Jewish, nothing’s wrong with it, and the last one I saw that was seemingly soA Serious Man (2009).

Freckled Timmy (Dylan Riley Snyder) is becoming a man at 13, he is preparing for his Bar Mitzvah. His father,Bill (Ciarán Hinds), was dead, but only in a moral sense. In fact, he was just released. Trish(Allison Janney) is desperate in finding normalcy, after her husband was charged being a pedophile and incarcerated. Her son Billy(Chris Marquette) is attending University,who seems to be the only person who remembers his father, Bill. Chloe(Emma Hinz) is the youngest sister, who is on meds for whatever psychological ills she has; mom is not that healthy mentally either. In the perfect Florida’s condo is where they live.

Trish has two sisters, Joy(Shirley Henderson) works with convicts, rapists, and murderers, but I am not sure if she is a real social worker, or she just dates them. Anyway, Joy has her own storyline. The other sister is Helen(Ally Sheedy), a poet turned screen writer, who lives in posh Hollywood town, and she dates a Kneau. Trish has finally found a normal guy to love, Harvey Wiener(Michael Lerner).

This film is about its clever dialogues; at one point, a philosophical debate about forget and forgive between Harvey and Timmy that is so serious and yet so funny… and there are many moments like that. Another great scene where Bill is picked up by Jacqueline (Charlotte Rampling), and before he leaves he searches her purse for money, that conversation is totally surreal ( not a normal thing you will hear in a scripted movie, but yet it sounds so normal but scripted-I understand, you worked hard…and I am old. There are lots of subtext in this film as of war, pretentiousness, homosexuality…

If not LOL, at least you will chuckle through it while trying to be polite, but then at the leisure of one’s living room, who gives a fu#%!



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