Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (2011)



DeLIGHTful! It’s the best bloody hell foreign movie that I have seen for a long time; oh, pardon me, it is merely British, with English that I barely comprehend. Shame on me, but thanks for subtitle!

Don’t let the title fool you, this is no A River Runs Through It‘s (1992) fly fishing, this is a LOL(subtle) romantic film that everyone should watch.

A stellar cast with all British, Irish, Scottish actors that I like: Kristin Scott Thomas is Patricia Maxwel, the press officer of the bloody P.M. Office. Emily Blunt (Harriet) is working for an investor firm and her client is a Sheikh with beaucoup money, who wants to introduce pacific salmon in Yemen desert. Ewan McGregor Dr. Alfred Jones, a Scot, I believe playing a Northern Irishman, who is totally skeptical about the project , but is convinced of it at the end. My three beloved actors and they delivered.

Pat is the P.R. machine that spins bad news with saccharine to make them look good. She plays the puppets in the ministries with the right tugs and pulls- hilarious! Kristin Scott Thomas is just marvelous, period. Ms. Chetwode-Talbot or Emily Blunt redeemed herself after the horrid Jane Austen Book Club (2007) that I saw couple of weeks ago! Here we go again, Torn Between Two Lovers (Mary MacGregor), Robert (Tom Mison) who she spent only three weeks before he was dispatched to Afghanistan , or Dr. Jones? Yes, indeed the noble Sheikh Muhammed(Amr Waked) who truly believes in his $50 mil project is lovely in this.

It’s a love story with satirical political backdrops that are at the right time and right pace and place. I am amused, shall we say?!You should very well too.



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