Star Trek Into Darkness 3D (2013)

This is what a big blockbuster (didn’t happen on the opening 3.5 days weekend box office results) should be! The first 10 minutes was exhilarating and beautiful (colours: red, orange, white, yellow, vibrant). The next 10 philosophical, then it was back to actions, more thoughts, more actions, it just builds and builds, until it blows:orgasmic, joy, relief, excited, and a smile.

I am no Star Trek’s fan, in fact, I never understood it when it played every week in my childhood’s living room in black and white 20 inch TV box. My brothers, however, were engrossed. Although I saw each and every Star Trek movies (that’s what you did in the ’80s with 70mm screen and no DVDs), only the re-boot in 2009 suddenly made sense. It helped to have Chris Pine as Captain Kirk obviously. Despite, it was just a great film, everything was in balance.

Now with Into Darkness, I say this is the perfect film that I haven’t seen for a long time (Aliens (1986) just drops a star from me.) It also means it surpassed the first episode.

I am glad the original cast members are intact, so that we know these people already. The new one is Khan(Benedict Cumberbatch), and if you are a fan, you know the character well. But it’s okay for us non-fans, now I know (sure, I saw Star Trek II:The Wrath of Khan (1982)…) Admiral Marcus is Robocop Peter Weller, and his daughter Carol (Alice Eve).

Since I say this is perfect, it means you will understand every detail of the film, i.e., what happens and why it does. Basically, Admiral Marcus is a military guy and wants to turn Starfleet into a military operation, and Khan,super-race human, is helping him. Captain Kirk figures out the problem eventually, with his friend’s help, Spock(Zachary Quinto). The climatic ending reminds me of  what I heard in that living room when the show was over, and you will too.

No more to say, go see it in IMAX or 3D immediately!

100% WATCH


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