The Lincoln Lawyer (2011)


source: IMDb

source: IMDb

Could have been an extended episode of Law &  Order: SVU, but this is way better because of Matthew McConaughey‘s Mick Haller.

You don’t need to know what side he is on, he does the right thing and that’s what he does! This is based on  Michael Connelly‘s novel of same name, and I confess I have not read any of his works yet, but I gather he is like a Grisham or Patterson (I could be wrong, and I know writers hate to be compared).

Mike Haller is a defense attorney that represents those bad-guys-drug dealers, gangsters, etc-and the police and DA office hate him because he represents and defends the wrong side of the population. His rebuttal is that cops and DA office are not necessarily angels; they jail innocent people for their career advancement and what-not.

Maggie McPherson(Marisa Tomei) is his daughter’s mother, she works in the DA office, and they keep a friendly relationship. Not much for Tomei to do here, other than showing she supports Mike. Frank Levin(William H. Macy) is Mike’s investigator and friend, who got killed with his gun. Mike does not have an office, he is chauffeured around town  in his Lincoln Town’s car by Earl(Laurence Mason), who knows the inner-city well.

Louis Roulet(Ryan Phillippe) hires Mike to represent him after being arrested in a sexual abuse case. Mike thinks that he catches a big fish because of Louis’s wealth and status. Louis maintains his innocence, when victim Reggie Campo(Margarita Levieva) is a girl-for-hire. Mike thinks this is a slam-dunk case given the defendant solicited his client, but Ted Minton(Josh Lucas) from the DA office is reluctant to budge cause he thinks he has solid evidence to prove Louis’s guilt.

As the story unfolds there are a lot of lies being told, and more facts are discovered, and that’s why this is such an engaging thriller.

Everyone mentions above did a fine job, even Ryan PhillippeMcConaughey stole all the scenes, and rightfully so being the leading man, and those with William H. Macy you could tell Frank and Mike were true friends-they would do anything for each other!

WATCH!  because of McConaughey and a great plot and script!




2 thoughts on “The Lincoln Lawyer (2011)

  1. I was surprised by how good this movie was. McConaughey really redeemed himself with this performance after some stinkers and I love that he’s taking on more challenging roles now. You should read a Michael Connelly book: they’re pretty good!


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