Colombiana (2011)

source: IMDb

source: IMDb

I know I should not care about a vengeance taken on by a girl of cartel’s parents, but the cleverness and her skills were just amazing to watch. Written by Luc Besson( The Fifth Element (1997), the French Taxi‘s franchise) and by Robert Mark Kamen (Taken’s franchise), you can really see their styles coming through this film. Imagine, a greatly choreographed ballet! so who cares about the story… like when I go see a ballet performance, it’s about how well a pas-de-deux,  la fouetté, le grand jeté are done. And Zoe Saldana as Cataleya did a great job! Zoe Saldana is Uhura in the last two Star Trek films (2009 & 2013), and the voice of Neytiri in Avatar (2009). 

The Story: 10 year-old Cataleya saw her parents brutally killed on the stairways by her father’s business partner’s gang. Don’t worry, her parents didn’t just stand in front of a firing squad, they were quite endowed with their own artillery; they were just out-numbered. Cataleya is a smart girl, she escapes from the gun-toting gang and arrives in America to her uncle of sorts-let’s say she gets out of Bogotá, Colombia under very special arrangement with US government, and bypasses what should have been a foster home.

Her uncle is Emilio Restrepo (Cliff Curtis) and his mom is Mama(Ofelia Medina). He takes her in and treats her as his own kid. She tells him she wants to be a killer, he basically shows her that learning and being smart are just as important as shooting a gun! (Great scene!)

After 15 years, she is ready! Cattleya is a type of orchid, and that’s her brand. By that time, she has already killed 22 people who had ties to her father’s killer, Don Luis Sandoval(Beto Benites). Her 23 rd showcases her skills and intelligence. There is a bit of a love story among all the killings, the guy is Danny Delanay(Michael Vartan).

It also involves the FBI, Special Agent James Ross(Lennie James), and CIA’s Richard(Callum Blue), who has the leash on Don Luis, now on American soil, New Orleans to be specific.

The enjoyment is watching how she gets to her father’s killer, and will she succeed in killing him, and how? She trains pit-bulls BTW! and feeds them top sirloin cuts.

I read some of the critics and said the dialogues were lousy. I say it is a ballet, who needs dialogues!

Great entertainment! WATCH. 


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