Mama (2013)

source: IMDb

source: IMDb

My guess was a spider when I watched the trailer, but I was wrong. It was just supernatural stuff. Did I see anything new? perhaps not. Was it a gripping story? not really. None of the characters I wanted to protect or, at least, to wish good came out of it. And the relevancy of the crazy father, Jeffrey(Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) that killed his wife and planned for the final murder suicide… was to tell us that things happened and too bad he found the classic out-of-no-where cabin in the woods?! Why not just killed everyone in the car? My point is that the opening story was a bit weak to say the least, i.e., WHY should we really care? Jodie Foster’s Nell(1994) survived her entire childhood until puberty in the wild alone. So I was sure the two girls, Victoria(Megan Charpentier) and Lilly(Isabelle Nélisse) would too, with or without mama.

I got the contrast between undying mother love, mama, and Annabel(Jessica Chastain), who had no desire for kids. Did Victoria changed her or did mama? Perhaps, she was just tired with all that shadowy stuff  happening in the house, while her obsessed(unexplained), brother of Jeff, lover- Lucas – was in the hospital all time after being spooked by mama and fell on his head (Ouch!)

The two girls: Victoria was the older, so I guess still had some ability to distinguish mama from real person. Lily was young, so perhaps still in touch with the spiritual world. Anyway, no explanations either.

Eventually I found out the history of mama: a chase, a cliff, mom and baby,…

The ending: WHY?

SKIP the original Ringu (1998) was more satisfying.


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