End of Watch (2012)



This is not about bromance, this is brotherhood. Jake Gyllenhaal as Brian Taylor and Michael Peña as Mike Zavala are best partners fighting crimes: street level.

So the question is, are they just hot-headed cops with egos so big that no one can contain them? Yes, and no, but you can tell they have hearts, and loyalty. The dialogues between Brian and Mike in their cruiser are those moments you want to watch; sure  they sound all BS, but some are philosophical BS that are worth listening to.

Mike married one week after his prom to  Gabby(Natalie Martinez). He has a very definitive view about marriage and love: if you can’t die for the other person than get the hell out of the relationship. He takes his vows seriously too.

Brian, on the other hand, is dating Janet(Anna Kendrick), and he questions if she is the one. Mike immediately says only white boys think about that: the one!

On the street of LA south-central, it is tough to be a cop. Gangs wars. New rules on the streets, even old timers have to cope with changing time. The street is now owned by the Mexican cartels, and Mike and Brian keep poking their heads in volatile situations with no warrants, nor dispatch calls. This is like watching a wok of oil on a hot stove !!! Someone will get burn or the house will burn down if no one tends to it carefully.

To chill in between you will have those scenes that Mike and Brian talk about their loves and lives, but just like them in the cruiser, you have no idea when the next dispatch call will come, and what danger lies ahead:Van Hauser(David Harbour), a cop they despise, gets a knife jammed in his left eye, and his rookie partner dead in the alley with her face all messed up.

Ugly Betty (TV) America Ferrera plays Orozco, another cop of the same division that was grown up in the neighbourhood.

The film was shot video game style- first person and close-up cam.

WATCH! I don’t know how realistic this movie is… perhaps very close to the real deal.


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