Argo (2012)



Finally saw it. For me, there was about 10 minutes of tense momemts, which were anticipated before the group arrived at the airport, but they were still very gripping, so for those parts they were job well done.

The rest I saw was a depressed father Tony Mendez (Ben Affleck), who had neither son, nor career going forward…and he didn’t seem to be too passionate about saving those hostages. I was not sure of the intent there to keep the character so low and low key?!

I liked Kyle Chandler playing Secrectary of State, Hamilton Jordan. This was a long stretch since he played Gary Hobson in  Early Edition (TV series). Bryan Cranston famous for his role in Breaking Bad (TV series) [still have to see the series] put out a good show too. The rest were, sorry to say, forgettable; that included Victor Garber‘s Ken Taylor.

Sure the subplot about Hollywood was entertaining, as I wrote before, perhaps the reason for Oscar’s Best Picture. The Academy loves movies about making movies…

There was one thing I learned while watching it-I was totally oblivious of world politics as a teenager, and perhaps it was a good thing.

WATCH!   at least you can say you have watched it.


5 thoughts on “Argo (2012)

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  3. I think you’re right about why it won the oscar. Definitely didn’t seem to be the strongest candidate. It’s pro-America message and glorification of movies got it the win, just didn’t seem like it treated the overall situation well enough for my tastes.


    • totally agreed. But it led me to look up the real story behind this…I was going to put it’s really a “feel-good” story, but opt to be neutral about it. Thanks for checking my blog.


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