Side Effects (2013)

Are you kidding me?! The puzzle fits does not mean it is a good film.

I was bored half of the time, although I will say Rooney Mara plays Emily Taylor was extremely good.

The story was implausible for me.  Dr. Victoria Siebert(Catherine Zeta-Jones) taught her patient how to fake depression, and in return she taught her derivatives and trading! I wish those two polar topics were really just as simple as one plus one, and two persons could learn and teach while fooling around. BTW, psychology 101 about  the dangers of transference between doctor and patient seems to be unimportant here: who cares if the scene was HOT !

Having said that, the story was as fictional as a sci-fi movie.

Sure, everything makes sense as presented, and you may even say the villains deserve what they got…wait, was there a good-hearted person in this film?! Yes, Martin Taylor(Channing Tatum) jailed four years for insider trading: he came out of prison clean, but also died very soon after. Martin was Emily’s husband.

Dr. Jonathan Banks(Jude Law) was stress, overworked, and had a bit*#y wife,Kayla(Mamie Gummer), who was grumpy, and unloving most of the time. She reacted to her husband actions as if she never knew he was a psychiatrist!?

He started to treat Emily after she attempted suicide in her office garage: she hit a wall with “EXIT” labelled ( I should have seen clearly what to come with this film, there and then.)

In our drugs-popping culture, Dr. Banks prescribed her with anti-depressants, until he talked to her previous psychiatrist, Dr. Siebert ( I believe in real life, it is professional obligation to talk to the predecessor before taking on a case, or at least it has to be recommended. Doctors don’t pick their patients to treat like in this film!) he started to treat Emily with a new drug that just went to market (Make sure you buy into the idea that multi-billions pharmaceutical company would have their drug’s name used in a talk show without any hush hush before it aired!)Then things got out of hands.

Anyway, one thing I am glad that I didn’t spend money to see it in theater.



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