Before Midnight (2013)

Keep the humour, lighten up, and love will be in the air!

Which one of these fits your amorous relationship?

a) Happily ever after. Prince and princess in a castle,…

b) Experimental, cute, two peas in a pod, youthful, exciting,…

c) Tactile, primal, dangerous, passionate,…

d) cordial, appropriate, cerebral, emotional, messy, humourous

This is part three of the Before’s series. If you have seen the last two, you know they talk a lot, and their conversations are all relevant. Nothing is superfluous. They being the same Celine(Julie Delpy) and Jesse(Ethan Hawke) of Before Sunrise(1995) and Before Sunset(2004). They are now living in Paris and on vacation in Greece with twin daughters, Ella(Jennifer Prior), and Nina(Charlotte Prior). The story happens on the last day of their vacation.

I am speechless, so go see it ! Pay attention to the transition between outdoors and indoors, to me, it has a secondary meaning attached! Let’s say we are creatures of habit. In others words, familiar environment manifests habitual actions, and I will stop here before I spoil it for you.



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