This is 40 (2012)

Apparently couples in their 40’s are having problems-deep-seated ones.  

I wish it had a condensed version because it was long, but there was some good stuff in it, great stuff. I liked Paul Rudd as Pete and Leslie Mann as Debbie (real-life wife of director and writer, Judd Apatow), they looked like actual couple, very natural, fluid, and cute to the end.

Their kids, Charlotte(Iris Apatow) and Sadie(Maude Apatow), were real life daughters of Apatow, which means this film was a real family movie, except dad was behind the camera, and the kids used a surrogate dad-how many people will have a real Hollywood family movie on their living room DVD shelf?

Jodi(Charlyne Yi) definitely had one of the most memorable scenes after being confronted by her boss, Debbie. And then there was Melissa McCarthy ‘s Catherine, the mom of Sadie’s classmate-best scene was when the parents met at the principal’s office!

Representing Pete’s and Debbie’s origin of neurosis were their fathers: Larry(Albert Brooks), a 60 year-old with young triplet and a 45 year-old wife, the dad survived on his son’s income supplement, and Oliver(John Lithgow), who was a spinal surgeon, and had not seen Debbie for over seven years.

Desi(Megan Fox) was there to represent youth, and perkiness.

Similar to the question asked in  Before Midnight (2013): will the marriage last?! how and why?

WATCH! If weren’t for likeable Paul Rudd and  Leslie Mann, I most likely would skip.


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