Man of Steel (2013)

Wow, it’s Star Trek, it’s Thor, it’s Man of Steel: a 143-minute trailer.

Massive destructions! Lois Lane(Amy Adams) was right on, there is a penis-measuring contest out there this spring, summer and fall of 2013, i.e., which film will claim supreme as the one with ultimate destruction power on humble earth. Poor humans, we looked and watched and waited for buildings to tumble and crush us to death, cause that’s all we did in each film so far!

After so many iterations the story is nothing new to write about, it was all about the interpretations and the visuals.

First, I didn’t like this planet Krypton, it was too a Star Trek-ish planet, especially its alien-crafts and costumes. I much prefer the Krypton of 1987’s Superman: minimal, bright, and heavenly. My second biggest problem was that they spoke the same language as human, they also had the same type of bureaucracy and hierarchical military system…I guess there must be galactical agreement that the highest rank of all military would be called General. I know, other films did that too, but perhaps it is time to make it right. I would easily buy in to the idea that they had superior speech recognition power,  like leeloo in The Fifth Element (1997), but show us! Once again like other superhero films I saw this year so far, some part lacked originality: at one point I was sure I was watching Wolverine walking his way to find his secret birthplace. 

The 3D wasn’t that impressive to be honest, especially when all blockbuster films out this year so far had been in 3D, i.e., over-sensitization becomes normalcy. In fact, lots of time things happened so quick that some scenes were quite blurry.

Moral of the story is:  choices good, stereotype bad; cloning bad, natural birth good; blue-red good, black bad; human good, alien speaks English bad; daddy Jon a humanist, daddy Jor-El a diplomat. Uncle Zod (Michael Shannon) a bad General

There were things I liked: Lois Lane being more in charge. Henry Cavill‘s Clark Kent / Kal-El was handsome, macho, and more mysterious. The un-touchy-feely-silly story between Lois and Clark has potential, so don’t blow it!

Since this was really a trailer for the new franchise re-boot, Jor-El(Russell Crowe), Jonathan Kent(Kevin Costner), Martha Kent(Diane Lane),Colonel Nathan Hardy(Christopher Meloni),Perry White(Laurence Fishburne)… were more like cameo appearances. In other words, could have been anyone! But with them in the real trailers would draw a bigger crowd, and I think it is paying off.

SKIP…unless you are a fan of  Superman.


2 thoughts on “Man of Steel (2013)

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