Warm Bodies (2013)



The idea may be new, but the story is as old as Shakespeare’s.

In the post-apocalyptic world, there are three races: humans, zombies, and boneys. Boneys are too far gone from any shred of humanity; therefore, they are the most vicious.

The story takes on a first-person view of a zombie:R(Nicholas Hoult), who is nostalgic but probably he doesn’t know why, until he sees Julie(Teresa Palmer) for the first time during an eating outing with other zombies. R kills Julie’s bf Perry(Dave Franco) and eats his brain so that he can use Perry’s memory.

By definition, zombies are those alive but dead. They have motor functions, but lack emotions. So I guess like a car with no spark plug.

At the point Julie and R meet, you pretty much know how the rest is going to pan out and what it is about, but  it is still interesting to watch the rest.

John Malkovich plays Grigio, Julie’s father and a colonel of the human race; Nora(Analeigh Tipton) is Julie’s best friend; M(Rob Corddry), R’s friend is the one who discovers how to reconnect.

WATCH…interesting perspective of humanity, or just another weird teen’s love story!


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