6 Souls (UK-2010) / Shelter (US-DVD)



Never distributed in North America; apparently it was too bad to warrant any distributions in our theaters. I bet to differ. Although Julianne Moore‘s Cara Harding is more an investigator than a pipe smoking forensic psychiatrist, this is an okay movie.

Dr. C. Harding is a specialist in multiple-personality, and a scientist. Her father also Dr. Harding(Jeffrey DeMunn) and a psychiatrist has a more open mind than her daughter’s strict scientific approach to life. He wants her to take over a multiple-personality patient Adam(Jonathan Rhys Meyers) so that she may finally believe beyond atoms and molecules.

Here the theory offers is based on supernatural: soul(s) possession. In other words, if you are not open to this interpretation that you will, like others, slam this film as another soul-less horror film that stirs your limbic system: flight or fight. If you believe some of it, it may be enjoyable. For me, I will say this makes more sense that last year’s sleeper Mama (2013). 

Julianne Moore is a no-fail actor, perhaps I say that because I am a fan! Savage Grace (2007) was a tough film to watch, but she took on the challenge and did a pretty good job in it, i.e., I always know that she is playing a character and not like some actors playing themselves.

I also think Jonathan Rhys Meyers did a decent job doing multiple persons using different accents. Nathan Corddry plays Cara’s brother, and  Brooklynn Proulx her daughter.

The premise: God vs. evil; science vs. God ; science vs. voodoo. What do you believe?! Oh yes, re-incarnation, anyone?

WATCH…cause you like Julianne Moore‘s movies.



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