Red Dawn (2012)



Never saw the 1994 version with Patrick Swayze as Jeb and brother Matty played by Charlie Sheen.  Lea Thompson was Erica, and Jennifer Grey was Toni. Fast forward to the 2012 version Chris Hemsworth is Jed Eckert , Josh Peck Matt EckertAdrianne Palicki Toni Walsh,and Isabel Lucas Erica MartinJosh Hutcherson of The Hunger Games (2012) is Robert Kitner. At least he fights in this film.

I guess the stories were the same: Communism vs. Free America. The last qualified communist country is now North Korea. Soldiers descend from the sky and hold the entire city hostage! A bunch of teenagers become warriors quickly under the guidance of war-vet Jed to take back the city from the intruders. Really no different from watching a movie about alien invasion on American soil.

Towards the middle, at least an explanation was offered as to why there were no American soldiers retaliations: perhaps a sequel now that we knew after watching ?!

Chris Hemsworth is no Thor(2011) herebut he is becoming the tough guy of this generation: lean muscle as to bulky muscle (Stallone, Schwarzenegger or even much younger Van Diesel).

It’s a shooting actions film with a lot of fireworks. Enemies speak in a foreign tongue (Korean), and they are really just shooting decoys (first shooter video games?!) They really have no characters to speak of though.

Of course there is the awkward brotherly love between Jed and Matty.

WATCH…why not, it’s only 93 minutes.


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