World War Z(2013)

Did they think of using the same Slim Whitman‘s “Indian Love Call” (wiki) as we saw in Mars Attacks! (1996) to kill the zombies? If my theory works, it certainly will prevent a sequel. So, the answer is NO.

Gerry Lane(Brad Pitt) worked for the U.N., but now a stay-home dad, and shortly the world turns upside down. First he ruins Philadelphia, then the plague follows him, and ruins another city (watch to see which one). Along the way, he kills many people too, all not directly, but…. Yes, the focus is on Gerry, and luckily he saves the world for now! I think he worked for the U.N. Intelligence, and somehow that earns him carte-blanche to be anywhere in the world.

His family is to make the story more humane; otherwise, Resident Evil did a better job about zombies, genes mutation and viral infection. Karin Lane(Mireille Enos) is mom, Constance(Sterling Jerins) and Rachel(Abigail Hargrove) are daughters. Gerry’s boss is Thierry Umutoni(Fana Mokoena) deputy Secretary of State I believe. In other words, they were there to remind us that Gerry had motivation to success; otherwise, he might as well say bye-bye to his family! (Gee, that’s a heavy load to put on anyone’s shoulder…except for Tom Cruise, of course. But I guess he was in Oblivion (2013))

Don’t get me wrong, it was very entertaining, and there were tense moments, and it certainly was not selling guts and gores,which could be good for some, but be disappointing for others.

While I was watching, the zoom out shots showed the zombies more like ant farm than anything else! At that point, the zombies were neither scary nor relevant to the story I found:it was like how many you could crush with one big foot. The other thing, as usual, was taking on all these video games moves… perhaps I just played Dead Space yesterday made me think of this–moves you make to avoid zombies/aliens/mutants from lab A to lab B, let’s say.

Sure, I will go see the sequel…so that I have something to write.

WATCH…it was tight; therefore, no indulgence of irrelevant sentiment or conversations. Truthful to Max Brooks’s book of same title? I doubt it as the two preview chapters I read gave more details of what happened at the beginning–gruesome.



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