Movie Review: A Good Day to Die Hard (2013)



This had to be the worst Die Hard of the Die Hard franchise. It made no sense right at start! I don’t know if it was a tongue-in-cheek or mockery of espionage films.

John McClane(Bruce Willis), dad finds out son, Jack McClane(Jai Courtney) is in trouble in Moscow, accused of murder, and awaits life sentencing. Of course the “McClane” will not miss any action, he flies to Moscow to check out his son’s situation. Arrives in Moscow, gets in a cab,  stalled by a traffic jam, so he walks the last two blocks instead to the courthouse, and he sees his son escapes with another inmate. A whole bunch of other guys exit an armoured truck, and they are now following the escapees on foot… The “McClane” follows clandestinely: SERIOUSLY!

There was no story, I FF-ed the whole thing! It is for those who like car chases(Benz and BMW), guns power, flying bullets, bombs, more car chases(Benz and BMW), helicopters, more shootings, and supermen ending. Bravo!

I think it is time for Bruce Willis to move on with the Red(2010) franchise instead, which is similar but more appropriate. He was out-of-place in this one, I found. But  Jai Courtney has potential to carry on with the franchise though; He was the blonde Varro in Spartacus: Blood and Sand (TV series) – 2010, where he plays a Spartan, who is naked with only a loin-clothe covering his jewel most of the time.

SKIP…as fast as you could!

P.S. I saw Die Hardest is in production for 2015. Oh boy, will it die already?


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