The Accidental Husband (2008)

Source: IMDb

Source: IMDb

A cookie-cutter rom-com with no sense of reality yet supposedly selling us real love mixed with then hip Bollywood music and Upanayanam, why?  to be culturally diverse.

Pop-psychologist radio talk show host Dr.Emma(Uma Thurman) advises her audience to forget about romantic love(doesn’t exist) and goes for real love (those with solid foundation). Before the week of one of her callers Sofia(Justina Machado)’s wedding, Dr. Emma, asks her if Patrick(Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is really the one for her. She calls off the wedding after the show. Patrick a fireman of FDNY happens to be listening to the same show with his buddies firemen.

Patrick, heart-broken, wants to get even with Dr.Emma for causing his griefs. He happens to renting an apartment from an indian family with wise-kid hacker, Ajay(Jeffrey Tedmori); he hacks into the NY City Hall marriage licensing office, and alters Patrick and Dr. Emma status as married.

Dr. Emma realizes the error when she and financé, Richard(Colin Firth) are in the office applying for their marriage license. She has to have his previous marriage annuled. Richard is Dr.Emma publicist. Dr. Emma’s father is Wilder(Sam Shepard), and he must be the one who made Dr. Emma interested in the research of relationships in the first place.

Dr. Emma takes all the paperwork and looks for a Patrick in Queen’s alone (Hello, she has money, where is the lawyer?)… I bet you know how it will go and what she will find out about herself, blah, blah, blah, and true love. I said it was cookie-cutter. 

I like Uma Thurman, she has that classic look, which is one reason it makes this watchable. If Dr. Emma were Katherine Heigl, we would have definitely seen too many of Heigl in similar roles: The Ugly Truth(2009) with Gerard Butler. Here Thurman was teamed with Morgan– Edward Blake / Comedian in Watchmen(2009). Firth was a surprise to see him in this, but I guess this was made before A Single Man(2009)… There even was Isabella Rossellini.

WATCH … perfect for summer slumber party; SKIP… for dudes, unless Bffs, FwBs,Gfs, and wives, force you to.


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