Dark Skies (2013)



No, I was not buying any of it. This is one of those oh, wow, I see, how …, is that so! OMG…did I snore?

Sure, it had a theme, and it commented on the social-economics problems US households were facing after the 2008 financial meltdown, couples were edgy! on patriotism, cause it so chose to highlight the main event of the film took place on 4th of July…so it was intelligent and freaky, quel win-win, quel Independence Day(1996).

The only thing being updated was the latest tech toys included, like the parents in this movie could film(document) abnormal activities in night vision with a CCTV system -last check they were about as cheap as $700 at Costco-instead of telling their kids don’t be silly, and will leave the light on.

Family units and civilized neighbourhoods were falling apart, and that must cause a correlation with the appearance of GRAYS: those big eyes, slender creatures. Lacy Barrett(Keri Russell) and Daniel Barrett(Josh Hamilton) fights every night, and that makes unhappy kids. Dad is looking for a job, and mom is selling foreclosure houses, but their home is a pristine two-levels, four-bedrooms detached house in the suburb. Eldest kid, Jesse Barrett(Dakota Goyo) has problems, and hangs out with much older neighbour’s kid Kevin Ratner(L.J. Benet). Jesse younger brother Sam Barrett(Kadan Rockett) is not any better with his shyness. So unusual things are happening, but as usual metro-macho dad is the skeptic, and mom starts to believe weird things are happening, and his husband is still a jerk not listening to what she says. Dad sleepwalks and afterwards his nose bleeds, and he tells his wife there must be a logical explanation: like what? dry air we need a humidifier?

Geee, wat-ya know, Edwin Pollard(J.K. Simmons) a dedicated researcher lives in the city! He is still being visited but he keeps cats instead of dogs, because cats don’t bother the GRAYS or by them, so he can get a good night sleep. That was the AHA moment of the entire film! Wait he also says they have been around for a long time, so the thesis I wrote above must be wrong as well. No correlation, it’s all random. Too bad, deal with them on your own!

If you stay awake until the end, the last 10 minutes and the game-changer will really help you to appreciate such a complex script! …wow.


P.S. those hands about to grab a person from behind had been done so so many times now (TV and movies), so please come up with something scarier already!


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